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Freedom of Information: Application for access to documents

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) provides for access to information held by SAT.

Please note that:

  • under the Act, applications for information must be processed within 45 days of receipt
  • requests for non-personal information require an application fee of $30 before the application can be processed
  • clause 5 of the FOI Act Glossary provides that a document relating to a court (including SAT) is not to be regarded as a document of the court unless it relates to matters of an administrative nature
  • if the request is denied, an application for an Internal Review can be made to the Executive Officer of SAT
  • anyone not satisfied with a decision regarding release of information may lodge a request for a formal review with the Information Commissioner

Applicant Details

Click here to download the FOI Application form.

You must complete this form and attach it to this webform in order for your application to be considered.