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You can choose to be represented by another person at most hearings. These representatives can include:

  • a lawyer,
  • a person with particular knowledge or experience (not including expertise obtained by being involved in another proceeding), or
  • anyone authorised by the SAT Rules or Regulations.

SAT may also appoint a representative if the person is unrepresented (for example in mental health appeals), or a litigation guardian if the person is not of full legal capacity.

You will need to advise SAT of any representative that may be present in a hearing. This can be done by filing a notice of representative form with SAT, or indicating in a Guardianship and Administration application that a representative will be present. You can contact SAT for further information on this process.

The SAT Rules apply unless an enabling Act provides otherwise, or an applicant involved in a minor proceeding makes a ‘no representation’ election.

The State Administrative Tribunal Act says:

  • a body corporate can be represented by its director, secretary or other officer;
  • a public sector body can be represented by an authorised public sector employee; and
  • a public sector employee whose performance or purported performance of their duties is the subject of the application, may be represented by another public sector employee

Useful Resources

State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004

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Last updated: 22 August 2023

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