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Alternative Dispute Resolution

A key feature of SAT is the provision of alternative methods of dispute resolution to parties in a proceeding.

SAT encourages parties to voluntarily use alternative methods of dispute resolution, in particular mediation and compulsory conference, to resolve disputes. A successful mediation or compulsory conference may result in the parties wholly resolving the matter, therefore avoiding a formal, final hearing and determination of an application, or at least narrowing the issues. This means that proceedings can be decided more quickly and at less cost.

At SAT, mediation and compulsory conferences are used regularly and with considerable success. The mediator or conference convenor is a SAT member who is specially trained to act in this role and usually bring special knowledge and experience to the proceedings. The mediator or convenor is independent of the parties and works hard to assist them in finding a solution to their problem.

Last updated: 21 August 2023

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