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This webpage provides general information relating to the fees at SAT.

For specific information on fees, please refer to the State Administrative Tribunal Regulations 2004 (the Regulations).

You may have to pay a fee for the lodgment of an application or some other document, hearing fees, or document or transcript requests, depending on what your matter is about and what you are requesting. For full information on the fees for a matter, see the Regulations.

If there is a lodgment or hearing fee, this information will be available on the eCourts Portal Application Overview when you are making an application.

A reduced fee may be available if you are considered an ‘eligible individual’ or ‘eligible entity’ under the Regulations. To be recognised as an eligible individual or entity, you must:

  1. meet the criteria set out in section 9A of the Regulations relating to concession card holders, or
  2. send an application to SAT for the Executive Officer to make a decision on the grounds of financial hardship and/or the interests of justice.

Please see the Regulations, or the Forms for further information.

If you are paying through eCourts and eLodgment, you must be declared as an eligible individual or entity before attempting to pay. This is done by putting your concession card details in when prompted at the time of payment, or submitting the fee concession application through eLodgment prior to payment. You will be notified of the outcome after submitting the fee concession application, and if successful, you will be given a FEE matter to add to the final page of the online form.

If you are not paying through eLodgment, you can send the appropriate form by:

  • post to GPO Box U1991 Perth 6845, or
  • dropping it in person at 565 Hay Street Perth 6000.

You will need to provide evidence of your claim when submitting any fee concession form.

Evidence can include:

  • a copy of the relevant concession card,
  • tax return, or
  • Centrelink payments.

If you are applying via eLodgment through the eCourts Portal, you have to pay the lodgement fee through eCourts at the time of submitting your application.

Method of payment

How to pay

eCourts Portal

Visa or MasterCard through eCourts when submitting an original application or other document

Direct debit link – available to law firms and some organisations (contact CTG Technology to set this up)

Pay Invoice section on eCourts Portal – you will  need your invoice number

Credit card form

Post – GPO Box U1991 Perth 6845

Phone – 9219 3111 or 1300 306 017

In person – Level 6 565 Hay Street Perth 6000


Post – GPO Box U1991 Perth 6845

In person – Level 6 565 Hay Street Perth 6000

Money Order

Post – GPO Box U1991 Perth 6845

In person – Level 6 565 Hay Street Perth 6000


In person – Level 6 565 Hay Street Perth 6000

If you need any help regarding the payment of fees, please contact SAT.


Useful Resources

State Administrative Tribunal Regulations 2004

Last updated: 24 January 2024

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