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Important Information - SAT hearings and mediations in light of COVID-19 social distancing measures

With regard to current and future listings of the SAT please note:

  • Directions, hearings and mediations will, where possible, be conducted by telephone, or video conference. Where it is necessary and appropriate to do so, the parties may be required to attend in person.
  • The manner in which final hearings are conducted (in person, by telephone or by video conference) will be determined by the presiding member, having regard to the nature of the matter and the interests of Justice.
    • When a mediation or hearing is conducted by telephone or video conference, the SAT will contact parties, or make orders about this, when it lists the mediation or hearing.

    • Information concerning what to do in order to participate in a mediation or hearing by video conference will be provided to all participants in advance of the mediation or hearing (specific guides are found at the bottom of this webpage as downloads).

    • Participants in a hearing which is conducted by video conference will be assisted to participate in a ‘test’ of the video link before the hearing.

    • When attending a hearing by telephone you need to provide your contact phone number to the Tribunal.

  • If parties are required to attend a mediation or a hearing in person, social distancing measures must be observed within the mediation or hearing room, in the lifts, and in all public spaces in the SAT.
  • The Tribunal hearing and mediation rooms have been audited to reflect current government guidelines for social distancing. The rooms show the maximum capacity on the outside of the door.

Information About COVID-19

In order to protect the health and well-being of our staff, parties to proceedings, and all users of the SAT building, in light of the risks posed by COVID-19, the following measures have been implemented at the SAT, and will continue to apply until further notice:

  • DO NOT enter the SAT building if you are unwell, have returned from overseas within the past 14 days, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19. If that is the case, please call the SAT on 9219 3111 and staff will assist you.

  • If you have documents to file at the SAT, the most convenient way to do so is through the e-courts portal or otherwise by email. Documents can also be lodged by post or fax or by leaving them in the secure box at the SAT Registry counter.

  • If you are not directly involved in a proceeding in the SAT, please consider whether you need to come into the SAT building. That will assist in reducing the potential for transmission of COVID-19.

Public Notice on gatherings in Courtrooms and Tribunals

Last updated: 5-Jul-2021

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