State Administrative Tribunal

Using SAT

This section of the website is a guide for people using SAT.

The overview of procedures explains how the aspects of the process are related, including how to serve an application. Serving an application is giving a copy to the other person in the dispute.

If you have been served with an application from the other party, the page entitled 'Respondent's role' will assist you to find out what happens next.

The representatives' page contains information on whether someone can represent you at the hearing and the form you need to complete if you have a representative. There are also suggestions for legal aid services which you may be eligible for.

Once a matter is underway, you may find the information on the types of hearings useful, as well as descriptions of the hearing rooms and directions hearings. Additionally, the types of alternative dispute resolution are also explained, including mediationcompulsory conferencesdecisions based on the documents, and expert conferral.

At various points during your matter, you may need to use our forms and pamphlets, or our services for video and telephone conferencingparking facilitiesinterpreters, or need information on country and inter-state applications. After a hearing, you may want to order a transcript.

Last updated: 23-Nov-2016

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