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Transcript Requests FAQ

What is recorded at the State Administrative Tribunal?

All final hearings and directions hearings, (other than the first, Class 1, Planning and Development directions hearing) are recorded for the purposes of maintaining a record of proceedings. Mediations are held in private, no recording is made. Recordings of hearings are not transcribed automatically and are only produced on an ‘as required’ basis. This includes the production of reasons or where a party has made a request for the transcript to be provided.

Who can apply for a transcript?

A transcript of proceedings may be requested by any person involved in the matter. This only includes the applicant, the respondent, their respective representatives or any other party who can show a vested interest in the matter. (There is a separate application and process for requesting transcripts for Guardianship and Administration hearings).

How much will my transcript cost?

Hearings recorded at SAT are not initially transcribed. Therefore the exact cost of an individual transcript can not be specified until it has been produced; however SAT will provide an estimate of the cost.

If your transcript has not previously been produced, upon approval of your request the Transcript Officer will contact you to arrange for a deposit of 75% of the estimated cost of the transcript. Once your transcript has been received, the Transcript Officer will contact you to inform you of the outstanding balance which needs to be paid prior to dispatching of the transcript.

If your transcript has already been produced, upon approval of your request the Transcript Officer will contact you and notify you of the total cost.

Transcript costs can be obtained by emailing

Please note, all requested transcripts are emailed out to requesting parties unless specified.

Transcript needed for review or an appeal

If you are lodging an appeal against a decision made by SAT, you will need to request a written transcript.

How long will it take?

A transcript request takes a minimum of 10 business days to prepare (longer for extended and multiple day hearings).

How can I pay for my transcript?

SAT accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Cash 
    In person at SAT. (Please do not send any cash payments through the mail).
  • Cheque 
    Cheques are to be sent by post to:
    State Administrative Tribunal
    GPO Box U1991
    PERTH WA 6845 or in person.
  • Australian Money Order 
    A money order can be obtained from participating Post Offices for values up to and including $5000. Please contact 13 7678 to find out if your local post office issues money orders. The money order can then be delivered in person, or sent by post. Be sure to complete the sender’s details on the back of the money order so that we can issue you with a receipt.
  • Credit/Debit Card 
    SAT accepts Visa & MasterCard only. Email a completed credit card payment form to: or fax it to (08) 9325 5099 or pay in person at SAT offices.

Other transcript questions?

If you have any other transcript questions, email SAT at or use the general methods of contacting SAT.

Last updated: 14-Feb-2019

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