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SAT's 15 year anniversary

In 2020, SAT is planning a series of events to celebrate its 15 year anniversary.

Fifteen years ago, SAT was formed to amalgamate numerous WA civil and administrative review tribunals into a single ‘super’ tribunal. The main objective of SAT is to be an accessible ‘one-stop shop’ that can resolve disputes quickly, with minimal formality and costs and utilise tribunal members with the appropriate experience and expertise.

SAT is committed to keeping the community informed about its role, and its procedures. For that purpose, SAT will mark its 15 year anniversary with a number of events, including:

Guardianship and Administration: Q & A sessions (open to the public)

If you would like a better understanding of the role that Guardianship and Administration plays in our community, and to learn more about enduring powers of attorney and guardianship, the Tribunal will hold a series of question and answer sessions for members of the public and for professionals who regularly appear in Guardianship and Administration matters.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions of members of the Tribunal, and representatives from the Office of the Public Advocate and the Public Trustee about the process to support those in our community who lack the necessary capacity to manage their own affairs.

Hot Topics in Strata Titles and building disputes: a panel discussion (open to the public)

If you are a lot owner or resident in a strata complex, you may be interested to learn more about the changes to the Strata Titles Act. The Tribunal plays an important part in resolving strata and building disputes and the number of cases it will hear is likely to increase as a result of recent legislative reform.

SAT will be holding a ‘hot topics’ panel discussion, which will be chaired by President Justice Pritchard, on subjects including strata, building and licensing.

Development and resources stream: seminar and networking event

If you are part of the WA development industry and would like to provide your thoughts on SAT’s current processes in class 1 and 2 planning applications, the Tribunal will be hosting a session for key stakeholders.

As well as a ‘retrospective’ on where SAT has come from, the session will provide an opportunity to give your feedback on whether the changes implemented after the last consultation with industry will continue to work into the future.

Dates for these events will be published on SAT’s website early in 2020.

The Tribunal looks forward to your involvement in these events. If there are any topics that you would like to hear more about, please contact

Last updated: 16-Dec-2019

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