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SAT Application Wizard

What can I do with the SAT Application Wizard?

  • Browse the enabling laws
  • Check the requirements for each application
  • Fill in an application online and save it or send it to SAT
  • Create a blank application form, to print and fill in later.

The different types of matters heard by SAT require different information when you apply. The SAT Application Wizard generates the right application form for your matter.

The SAT Application Wizard also creates an ‘Overview’ document which lists the requirements for each application in terms of:

  • who can apply
  • time limits on applications
  • documents that must be attached
  • application fees, and
  • the ability to appoint a representative.

What evidence do I need to support my application?

Depending on the type of application you wish to submit, you may have to attach relevant documents to your application form. 

When you have generated the ‘Overview’ document in the Application Wizard it will also have a download called a ‘Practice Note’.  There are numerous practice notes and the Overview will have the specific practice note for your application.  The practice note gives you details of how to complete the application, what supporting documents are required, how to serve the other parties (if required) and information about the hearing process and possible outcomes for your matter.

If you are unsure about what documents you need to lodge please contact SAT.

What do I do with my application?

If you create an online application, you can save it and an email will be sent to you giving you a reference code to access your saved application online. You may access this application and edit or complete it at a later time.

When you have completed your application online, you can also send it at the same time electronically. An email will be sent to you with a copy of your application in a pdf format. You will also receive a confirmation email advising you that your online application has been received by the Records section in SAT. The next step is either a call from one of our customer service staff or a notice for your first hearing.

You can also save online applications (whether complete or not) on to your own computer (though the copy on your computer will not be able to be edited as it is in a pdf form).

If you create an application form and print it or receive it in the post, once you have completed it you can post or hand deliver your application, with the required fee (if applicable), to SAT.

By post:

GPO Box U1991
Perth WA 6845

In person: Level 6, 565 Hay Street, Perth WA.

In special circumstances, such as when an applicant lives in a remote location, SAT’s Executive Officer may agree to the application being emailed or faxed.  If you have special needs please contact SAT to discuss.

You will also need to give copies of the application to the parties named in the application, in the required manner.  See Serving the Application for more details.

Remember to keep a copy of the application for your records. 

Once I start the SAT Application Form what do I do?

If you just want to check out the enabling laws or the requirements for a particular application, you can do so. Or, you can create the application form and save it to your computer for later use.

After you've finished browsing, you can simply close your browser or windows, or fill in an application online and save, send via email or print.

How do I make an urgent or interim application?

You can find more information on the urgent and interim applications page.

Last updated: 22-Dec-2015

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