Human Rights

The Human Rights area of the Tribunal includes:

How do I apply to SAT?

See Applications.

Where can I get assistance?

Special service staff have been trained to handle Human Rights matters. If you would like more information or assistance with your application please contact SAT.

What sort of facilities does SAT have?

Human Rights matters are heard on the five hearing room floors of the SAT building. There are waiting areas and several meeting rooms on each floor.

Hearing rooms vary in size and layout and are allocated according to the needs of the matter and the people involved.

If you have special needs, contact SAT.


The following Acts give SAT the power to hear Human Rights matters. To check the sections and regulations under which applications may be brought to SAT, use the SAT Wizard in Applications.

Where can Human Rights decisions be found?

Guardianship and Administration matters when published are anonymised, therefore no information that can identify parties is published.

A small number of decisions will not be published (even anonymised) as these matters, upon application by a party to the matter, may be ordered to be suppressed by the presiding member.

To view published decisions, you will require the matter number or conduct and advanced search using the State Administrative Tribunal as the jurisdiction and select the Act option and type Guardianship and Administration Act 1990. This will display all guardianship and administration matters that have been published.

Click this link to conduct a decisions search on the eCourts Portal

Last updated: 6-Mar-2020

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