State Administrative Tribunal

Final Hearings

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A final hearing provides all parties with the opportunity to present their case. They can:

  • give evidence;
  • call witnesses to give evidence;
  • ask questions of witnesses;
  • tender documents; and
  • make submissions.

Usually, the applicant will present their case first and the other parties will follow.

What do I need to do before a final hearing?

Before a final hearing you need to –

  • comply with orders made by SAT about lodging and providing to the other party witness statements and other documents;
  • prepare notes for an opening statement to SAT
  • carefully read any witness statements and other documents provided to you by the other party and prepare notes to ask questions of any witness if you wish; and
  • prepare notes for a closing statement to SAT.

Also, the parties will usually be required to deliver relevant documents to SAT. These may include witness statements and expert witness reports. At the directions hearing the SAT member will give instructions and dates for lodging documents.

Does SAT deliver its decision that day?

At the end of the final hearing, SAT will consider the matter. Its decision and orders may be delivered immediately orally or may be held over for detailed consideration (reserved). A decision may be reserved for up to 90 days.

SAT gives reasons for all its final decisions.

Last updated: 1-Sep-2020

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