State Administrative Tribunal

Applying to SAT

Individuals, organisations and Government agencies can apply to SAT to make decisions, settle disputes and review decisions.

Before SAT can make a decision, it needs to be given the power to hear a matter; this is called an enabling law.  SAT is empowered to make decisions for a range of enabling laws including more than 156 Acts, regulations, town planning schemes and by-laws.  To apply to SAT you must first identify the relevant enabling law.

How can I find the relevant enabling law?

  • check letters you have received from an original decision maker for the relevant Act and section, regulation or town planning scheme;
  • contact SAT (
  • seek legal advice 

New online resolution tool

The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) is pleased to announce the launch of an online resolution tool, the first of its kind for Western Australian Courts and Tribunals.  The aim of the tool is to provide information and guidance to the general public about certain areas of SAT’s work in order to assist in answering queries.

What is it?  The online resolution tool provides information regarding strata title disputes and guardianship and administration queries.  It takes the user through a series of questions, providing relevant resources to assist with their enquiry. If the information provide is unable to solve the query the tool will guide the user to the correct application to make to SAT and the appropriate form. The completed application forms can be submitted online using the SAT Application Wizard. In the event that SAT is not the right place to resolve the issue the tool will redirect the user to the appropriate organisation to assist. 

What are the advantages?  The resolution tool will improve access to justice, be available 24 hours a day, reduce phone waiting times and assist in the filing of the correct form.  In the event that SAT is not the appropriate agency, the tool will improve the direction of queries to the most appropriate agency.

Where can I find this tool?  The online information tool can be accessed via the home page of the SAT website, or direct from the eCourts portal,

Last updated: 26-Oct-2021

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