State Administrative Tribunal

Daily Hearings

Tribunal hearings and directions are open to the public, however, compulsory conferences and mediation sittings are closed.

The matter name is not displayed for some matters, to protect the identity of the parties. If the name is not displayed, you can use the matter number to identify your matter. It will appear on any correspondence you have received from SAT.

The daily hearing list for: 19 March 2018

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CC 10/2018Bell & Anor v. WiltonDirections10:00Level 1 - Room 1.06
CC 130/2018Keirle v. International Practical Shooting Confederation (WA) Inc.Directions10:00Level 1 - Room 1.06
CC 483/2018Drew v. Vincinity Custodian Pty LtdDirections10:00Level 1 - Room 1.06
CC 509/2018Walkemeyer v. City of BelmontDirections10:15Level 1 - Room 1.06
EOA 8/2018Harrison v. Shorescape Group Pty Ltd T/A Summit Realty South WestDirections11:00Level 1 - Room 1.06
CCS 3/2017Leslie v. Department for Child Protection and Family SupportDirections11:30Level 1 - Room 1.06
GAA 166/2018Hearing14:00Level 1 - Room 1.01
GAA 251/2018Hearing14:00Level 2 - Room 2.01
GAA 231/2018Hearing14:00Level 3 - Room 3.04
CC 426/2018Guelfi v. Department of TransportDirections14:00Level 3 - Room 3.08
VR 25/2018Commissioner of Police v. LIADirections14:00Level 3 - Room 3.08
VR 27/2018Commissioner of Police v. PerrinDirections14:00Level 3 - Room 3.08
VR 26/2018Commissioner of Police v. MitchellDirections14:00Level 3 - Room 3.08
VR 237/2017Commissioner of Police v. McateeDirections14:00Level 3 - Room 3.08
CC 521/2017Staveley v. Zenecon Pty LtdHearing14:00Level 4 - Room 4.04
CC 873/2017Staveley v. Zenecon Pty LtdHearing14:00Level 4 - Room 4.04
CC 1577/2017Green v. Port Hedland Pony Club Inc.Directions14:30Level 1 - Room 1.06
GAA 249/2018Hearing15:00Level 1 - Room 1.01
GAA 242/2018Hearing15:00Level 2 - Room 2.01
GAA 229/2018Hearing15:00Level 3 - Room 3.04
CC 407/2018Beston Parks Land Co Pty Ltd v. HenryDirections15:00Level 3 - Room 3.08
CC 445/2018Beston Parks Land Co P/L v. AppelbeeDirections15:15Level 3 - Room 3.08