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Types of applications

Under the State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004, SAT has both ‘review’ and ‘original’ jurisdiction.

The same application process applies to Review and Original matters. However, application forms, time limits and rules for the serving of documents may differ. For more information about the rules relevant to your application, consult the SAT Application Wizard.

If you cannot find your application on the SAT Application Wizard, or under our legislation, then your issue may be outside of SAT's scope.


An application under SAT’s review jurisdiction is where a person applies to SAT under an enabling law for the review of a decision of a vocational regulation body, or public official, including a local government official that affects them.


An application under SAT’s original jurisdiction is where a person applies to SAT under an enabling law, such as the Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 to make a decision.  In this case SAT is the primary decision-maker and is not reviewing an earlier decision by a separate decision maker.

Last updated: 19-Dec-2013

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