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Transcript Requests

If you wish to request a transcript for a hearing you may submit an online or hardcopy application. Note that the process is different for Guardianship and Administration matters, which are discussed at the bottom of this page. More information is included in the Transcript Frequently Asked Questions page.

Who can request a transcript?

A transcript of proceedings may be requested by any person involved in the matter. This only includes the applicant, the respondent, their respective representatives or any other party who can show a vested interest in the matter.

(For Guardianship and Administration transcripts refer to that heading below)

Online applications

To make an online application:

  1. complete the electronic request form.
  2. when you have completed the document, save it to your computer. 
  3. send it electronically to SAT by attaching it to an email and sending it to the email address

Hardcopy applications

Hardcopy applications of this nature can be posted or personally delivered.

Personal delivery to:                              

State Administrative Tribunal
Level 6, 565 Hay Street
PERTH  WA  6000

Postal delivery to:

State Administrative Tribunal
GPO Box U1991
PERTH  WA  6845    

Guardianship and Administration Transcripts

Transcripts for guardianship and administration matters can only be provided upon a Section 112(4) of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1990application being made and by an order of SAT. This requires an application to be completed by the person seeking to obtain a copy of the transcript. Please note, costs are associated with the provision of transcripts.

To make an application under section 112(4), you can:

  1. proceed to the 'Application Wizard' web page
  2. select the 'Guardianship and Administration Act 1990'
  3. select section 112 (4) in the second box
  4. click the” Next" button and this will step you through the process of producing an application seeking a transcript of a hearing.

Please note, costs are associated with the provision of transcripts, as discussed in the Transcript Request FAQ.

Last updated: 23-Aug-2016

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